All the Single Ladies! You’re Not Ready for THIS Ring

The funniest thing happened to me today; and on the Underground, of all places.

So it’s the first bit of Sunshine we’ve had here in London for a while, (which will no doubt be over before we’ve even had a chance to hang our fur coats up), and understandably, everyone seems to be in a great mood.

But these girls take the cake! And they got me gooood.

After a long day of taking in London, culminating in a well-deserved visit to the hair salon, I manage to beat my way down the steps to Oxford Street’s barriers during rush hour. I’m hot, flustered and kind of over the day and eager to just get home to a sofa by an open window.

Heading through the dark maze to my platform, I can hear the guitar of a busker strumming away, accompanied by some hollering. As I get closer, I make out the words – “ALL THE SINGLE LADIES! All the single ladies. ALL THE SINGLE LADIES! All the single ladies.”

The picture is fab. A white guy in his late forties is strumming away, looking like the frontman of a Coldplay of yesteryear. Beside him are four young black girls – they can’t be any older than 20 – singing away in an orderly line like Beyoncé’s own backing singers, doing the hand-waving dance obligatory to that gorgeously catchy song.

Seeing this ensemble immediately made me smile. Were they intentionally together? Did they tour around the underground doing free shows like this all the time? I imagined the girls had stumbled upon Little Strummer Boy playing a Bob Dylan song en-route to some girly night out and put in a request, like he was a Deejay. “Can you play any R&B?”

Caught up in the moment and with this being one of my favourite songs ever, I did a little strut by them, singing along and partaking in a little hand-waving of my own, especially as I had the perfect ring on the perfect ring finger of which Beyoncé sings.

Ring | Forever 21 £5.65 

I’d bought the ring from Forever 21 a few weeks ago. I love crazy, big jewellery, and seem to be particularly attracted to floral jewels.

The second the girls saw me with this crazy piece of jewellery, they went wild, cheering and waving. I applauded them all as I made my way to the packed tube and couldn’t stop laughing. It was just a really nice moment, where a group of complete strangers came together in those brief seconds to have a laugh.

We could do with more moments like that.

You’re welcome.

Please note prices, product availability and weblinks correct at time of gushing.

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