Sweeties are a girl’s best friend

They are now, with these tasty pieces of jewellery from TruffleShuffle.co.uk!

Nostalgia is key for this website, which sells the cutest gadgets of old, the sweetest jewellery – literally – and retro tees that will make you shout: “I REMEMBER THAT!!!”

(WARNING: Don’t forget to brush your teeth twice a day and visit your dentist regularly 😉

Sugared doughnut ring | TruffleShuffle £16.50

Cola bottle ring | TruffleShuffle £8.50

Iced gem ring | TruffleShuffle £6.99

Jammy Dodger ring | TruffleShuffle £9.99

Biscuit collection ring | TruffleShuffle £18.50

A La Tart cocktail ring | TruffleShuffle £16.50

Bourbon necklace | TruffleShuffle £9.99

Custard Cream necklace | TruffleShuffle £15.99

Marshmallow Flump bracelet | TruffleShuffle £16.99

Flumptastic necklace | Shop £14.99

Flumptastic necklace | TruffleShuffle £16.50

Neopolitan ice cream wafer | TruffleShuffle £15.99

Chocolate iPhone 4 protective case | TruffleShuffle £9.99

Beans on toast ring | TruffleShuffle £16.50

You’re welcome.

Please note prices, product availability and weblinks correct at time of gushing.

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