One to Watch: Oliver Bonas

One of my favourite brands, Oliver Bonas doesn’t mess around when it comes to quality.
Sadly, this is reflected in its prices, which, while not necessarily extortionate, are a little higher than this girl would like.

So here’s hoping the following line-up will be available in the near future for a little less.

First up, this simply fabulous Cynthia leather tote, pictured here in tan, also available in black.

C3 was in a local Olly B store recently, perusing this same bag, when a lady – we assume a Rugby Player’s Wife – waltzed straight up to the shop assistant, saying: “I’m looking for a school bag for my daughter. It’s her first year of secondary school…”

She looked around the store as she spoke and her eyes eventually rested on my inamorata, Cynthia.

“Ah,” she said, triumphantly. “This will do.”

Didn’t even ask how much. I don’t think it mattered.
She seemed oblivious to the fact that she was forking out £129 for a teenager’s bag.


We don’t all have it like the Rugby Player’s Wife.
So, please oh please Mr Bonas, make a lady happy; knock a ton off the price and turn it into £29?
I may even tip an extra pound, rounding it off to a neat £30, because I’m nice like that.

C3 is also a fan of this Alice graphic heart dress.

For £49, you’ll make anyone fall in love with you.
And C3 would certainly fall in love with OB even more if shrunk that price tag ever so slightly…

I’m just sayin’.

Finally, this cute Vero Moda cardy is short and chic made with gold studs.

For £38, it’s also available in ‘snow white’.

Fingers crossed.

Please note prices, product availability and weblinks correct at time of gushing.

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