Frockin’ awesome!

Yes, every women’s magazine has been harping on about the fact that it’s Christmas and thus party season.

But don’t yawn; the chicks have a point!

We must be prepared for the obligatory office shindig; the forced family gathering with all and sundry turning up out of the blue expecting presents even though they probably couldn’t tell you your middle name.

The point is, we want to look good, but we want the price to be just as good.

Matalan is delivering that very kind of assistance with these two gems.

From their Be Beau range, this leopard print strapless dress comes with a cute little belt for that fabulous waist.

Reduced from £28 to a stunning £14, the only sizes that appear to be left are 8 and 16 – obviously – so don’t say I didn’t warn you.

From strapless to Charlotte-esque, this next dress is also on sale.

Matalan’s rose print satin prom dress is made with netting to give it its shape.

Admittedly a little on the spring/summer side, this could still go down well at a Christmas do with a pair of tights, as pictured. And for a measly £14 – reduced from £25 – why the hell not?

You’re welcome.

Please note prices, product availability and weblinks correct at time of gushing.

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