La Dolce Vita

You may have noticed a surge in Mediterranean-looking divas donning bad-ass quilted parkas around town of late. (I say Italian; he says Spanish. Let’s call the whole thing off!)

I’m sure you know what I speak of. Power women on power trips striding through Bond Street pouting through heavy-set Chanel sunglasses looking for the most expensive garment to assault their husband’s credit card with; Gucci tote on one wrist, Cartier watch on the other and a small dog yapping at their Prada heels.

Well, here is access to that same look sans the unwittingly-generous husband or exorbitant fees.

High street sweetheart H&M is definitely the top of this list, currently selling their padded jacket with an elasticated belt for a fabulous £14.99!

Also available in blue.

In a similar style, La Redoute‘s short padded jacket – which also comes with a detachable belt – is currently retailing at £19.50, previously £39.

It’s also available in white, blue, red and black.

Now we could never forget Asda, the surprising dark horse of the frugal fashion world.
Their Moda padded belted jacket is available online for £25.

It’s also machine-washable, which is always a bonus.

Moda’s mocha padded belted sister comes with a little fur collar to cosy up to and is also available for the same price, £25.


And for those of you wanting a little more fur for some neck-lovin’,‘s Ciara quilted coat ought to do the trick, for £30.

And why not check out this cute short-cut version for a little edge at £20, also from

Now go forth, and pout!

You’re welcome.

Please note prices, product availability and weblinks correct at time of gushing.

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