NEW: One to Watch

This is the first of a somewhat mouthwateringly painful, agonisingly inaccessible, for-the-greater-good cruel feature of Cheeky Cheapy Chic.
One to Watch is about everything C3 is against: Seemingly overpriced items of clothing that are just too good to ignore. Sometimes, the extortionate price tag just isn’t enough to make us turn around and walk out of the doors, the sound of equally overpaid shop assistants cackling gradually
C3 will present a full-price (or expensive even though on sale) item in the hopes that its price will in the near future be reduced to a figure easier to digest.
Take a look at Exhibit A.
From French Connection – with love.
And no discount.
This sexy bodycon dress – endearingly named ‘ribbon knits’ by its owner – is made from shiny rayon. It has a high collar and zips up at the back.

But sexy don’t come cheapy. FC is asking for £95 to relinquish ownership.
The madness doesn’t end there. It’s handwash only.
And stores don’t put that message on garments because it looks pretty, by the way.
Many ladies have lost many a blouse to The Machine.
In any event, with a bit of luck and patience, this wonderful piece of FC will beg to be set free for a tenner!
Fingers crossed.
Please note, prices, product availability and weblinks correct at time of gushing.

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