Winter has a head start

Seeing as it feels like winter has beaten up autumn, stolen its lunch money, and pushed in front of the queue for seasons’ break, it’s time to see what the high streets are offering us gorgeous ladies to keep warm.
The collar is quite interesting as it just about covers the nape of the neck.
But you could still pull of a pretty good impersonation of a sexy version of Columbo, were his character a female…
Let’s try and get that mental image out of our heads with this one, shall we?

Available in sizes 8 to 20, this is £29.99.
Pair with this cute 1920s-style wool hat from Zara for £16.99, available in camel, black, and navy.
Or not. I never said this was the Law.
You’re welcome.

Please note, prices, product availability and weblinks correct at time of gushing.

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