Bag it!

Three great shops are putting beautiful prices on selected items at the moment.
First up, Oliver Bonas.
Olly B’s best reductions (in my humble opinion) are as follows.
This nautical Vero Moda Metro cardigan is slightly cropped (3/4 length sleeve) and available in navy and black. For a measly £16.
Like it; unashamed to admit it.
And then…
This bad boy is known by Olly B’s staff as a Villa Silhouette jacket.
They’ll even hand it over in exchange for £19.
Literally, a small price to pay.
But be warned: dry clean only.
Which has never put me off before!
The craziest bargain of all makes me say with genuine earnest, if you really like, ORDER IT NOW, as it WILL sell out – and fast.
I’ve seen so many things this week I’ve wanted to post, only to find the next day they’re out of stock.
Real talk.
Anyway, here goes.
This cheeky biker-chic Vero Moda jacket is currently available in medium and large sizes.
And it’s no wonder, what with it being all of £6.
No, that is not a typo.
No, that is not missing a zer’0′ at the end or ‘1’ at the beginning.
I meant to write £6.
Need I say more?
So long as you come back for the rest of this post!
Next up is courtesy of New Look and one for the office.
This Ponte shift dress has a great tailored look, is pleated at the front, and is just plain gorgeous!
Currently costs £18.99 and is available in red, black and “pigeon”, I kid you not.
I’ve just ordered this in red and will deliver my customer verdict in due course.
Finally, dress just in, Matalan wants to sell this delightful piece of fabric for £25.
And I say why the hell not?
Officially known as ‘Et Vous Carnival print tunic’.
With the exception of the Silhouette jacket, all of these items are machine washable.
Any time.

Please note, prices, product availability and weblinks correct at time of gushing.

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