The Office

Have I got some gems for you!
First of all, if you’re preparing for a job interview soon and are a bit bored with your current wardrobe but strapped for cash, there is hope!
And it comes in the form of this cheeky little office minx!
Perhaps the best thing about this knee length shift dress from George is that you can pick it up while you’re getting you weekly food shop at Asda!
The secret code is £16. And although figure-hugging, it is made with elastane for a comfy fit.
In other words, you can actually breathe in this gorgeous thing, and bag yourself a great new job at the same time!
Next up is a camel jersey dress brought to you by Dorothy Perkins.

With this dress on, you could charm at any interview till the camels came home.
Two, it seems, is the magic number; £22 to be exact.
If you prefer a bit more colour, you can’t go wrong as a Lady in Red with‘s help.
This Honor shift dress will cost you £22 and comes with a belt! (We love a freebie.)
However, I’m not sure this one works and would suggest a black belt to avoid clashing.
I’m just sayin’.
You’re welcome.

Please note, prices, product availability and weblinks correct at time of gushing.

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